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Makkah Events Hotels Bookings

Recommended Makkah Hotels

Boudl Makka

Boudl Makka
Just a 10-minute drive from the holy Haram, Boudl Makkah offers elegantly decorated rooms with air conditioning. More

Mövenpick Hotel & Residence Hajar Tower Makkah Mövenpick Hotel and
Residence Hajar Tower

Located in one of the tallest buildings in the world and overlooking the holy Grand Mosque, Hajar Tower combines traditions with modern comforts. It features More
Dar Al Ghufran Hotel Makkah

Dar Al Ghufran Hotel
Located in front of King Abdulaziz Gate, this modern hotel has rooms with partial Al-Masjid al-Ḥarām views or Mecca’s skyline. There is 1 person looking at this hotel. More

Elaf Kinda Hotel

Elaf Kinda Hotel
Overlooking the Holy Haram, Elaf Kinda Hotel is a 5-star accommodation situated in Makkah. It offers elegantly decorated rooms with free Wi-Fi. . More

Al Marwa Rayhaan by Rotana - Makkah

Marwa Rayhaan Rotana
Al Marwa Rayhaan is a deluxe hotel, located in Makkah’s new Abraj Al Bait development. It offers well-appointed rooms with luxury bathrooms and views of Masjid Al Haram More

Raffles Makkah Palace

Raffles Makkah Palace
Located in the prestigious Abraj Al-Bait complex overlooking the Grand Mosque and Kaaba shrine, Raffles Makkah Palace boasts spacious suites with panoramic views and More

Pullman Zamzam Grand Suites

Pullman Zamzam Grand

Zamzam Grand Suites is located just a few meters away from the Holy Mosque and offers luxurious studios and suites. It features a restaurant and views of the city More

Makkah Clock Royal Tower, A Fairmont Hotel

Makkah Clock Royal
Tower, A Fairmont Hotel

Situated beside the Masjid al-Haram, this 5-star hotel is one of the tallest buildings in the world. It offers 9 restaurants, 24-hour More

Le Meridien Makkah

Le Meridien Makkah
Overlooking the Al-Masjid al-Ḥarām (Holy Mosque), Le Meridien Makkah offers 2 restaurants and luxurious rooms decorated with rich fabrics. The King Abdulaziz Gate More

Makarim Albait Hotel

Makarim Albait Hotel
Situated in Mecca, this 5-star hotel is just 10 minutes’ drive from Al Haram. It features a 24-hour front desk, free private parking and modern guest rooms with air conditioning. More

Royal Dar Al Eiman Royal Dar Al Eiman
Overlooking the Al-Masjid Al-Haram Mosque, Royal Dar Al Eiman offers rooms with air conditioning and satellite TV. Facilities include a convenient 24-hour More
Le Meridien Towers Makkah

Le Meridien Towers
Le Méridien Towers Makkah is elegantly designed and well equipped with kitchenettes. During Ramadan, it offers direct car access to the Holy Mosque through More

Makarim Umm AlQura Hotel

Makarim Umm AlQura
The Makarim Umm AlQura Hotel offers air-conditioned accommodation with free parking in the centre of Mecca. Al Haram is 1.5 km, a 5-minute drive away More

Makkah Hilton Towers

Makkah Hilton Towers
The 5-star Makkah Hilton Towers is 2 minutes’ walk from Makkah’s Holy Haram Mosque and the Kaaba. It offers stylish rooms, 7 dining options and a 10,000 seat. More

Maas Al Merdeseya

Maas Al Merdeseya
The 3-star Maas Al Merdeseya offers traditionally decorated rooms with air-conditioning and free Wi-Fi. It features a lounge area and a coffee shop. Al-Masjid Al-Haram More

Makarim Ajyad Makkah Hotel

Makarim Ajyad Makkah
Situated in Makkah, this hotel offers air-conditioned accommodation. The Holy Haram Mosque is less than 10 minutes' walking distance. There is 1 person looking at this hotel. More

Makkah Hilton Hotel

Makkah Hilton Hotel
Overlooking the Holy Haram Mosque and the Kaaba, the Makkah Hilton Hotel is set in the heart of Makkah, Saudi Arabia. There are 2 people looking at this hotel. More

Reda Plaza

Reda Plaza
Spacious rooms are offered by Reda Plaza in Mecca, located a 3-minute walk from many famous shopping centres. Al Haram is 3 km away, and King Abdulaziz International. More

Manazel Al Ain Mercure

Manazel Al Ain Mercure
Located about 4.5 km from the Holy Mosque, this hotel is located in the residential and commercial district of Al Azizia. It offers an outdoor pool and 2 restaurants.  More

Sorooh Al Ala'a 6

Sorooh Al Ala'a 6
Located in Makkah, Sorooh Al Ala'a 6 is just 8 km away from the Holy Haram. It offers simply furnished apartments with free Wi-Fi. Guests can relax on the sofa in More

More Makkah Hotels
Makkah Travellers First Choice Hotels in Saudi Arabia TOP MAKKAH DEALS
Landmarks Near Hotels Makkah in Saudi Arabia
» The Sacred Mosque (Masjid Al Haram)
» Al Jamrah al Wusţá
» Madhbaḩ Ismā‘īl
» Al Mash‘ar al Ḩarām
Popular areas Near Makkah in Saudi Arabia
» Safwah tower
» Hajar Tower
» Zamzam Tower
» Clock tower 
» Arafat
» Abraj Al bait complex 
» Mina
» Zamzam Well
» Muzdalifah
» Arafat Mountain

5-Star Makkah Hotels in Makkah Saudi Arabia

» Al Marwa Rayhaan by Rotana 5-star
» Al Safwah Hotel 5-star
» Al Safwah Royale Orchid Hotel 5-star
» Dar Al Ghufran Hotel Makkah 5-star
» Dar Al Tawhid Intercontinental 5-star
» Elaf Al Mashaer Hotel Makkah 5-star
» Le Meridien Makkah 5-star
» Le Meridien Towers Makkah 5-star
» Makarim Ajyad Makkah Hotel 5-star
» Makarim Albait Hotel 5-star
» Makarim Umm AlQura Hotel 5-star
» Makkah Clock Royal Tower,
   A Fairmont Hotel
» Makkah Hilton Hotel 5-star
» Makkah Hilton Towers 5-star
» Manazel Al Ain Mercure 5-star
» Mövenpick Hotel & Residence
  Hajar Tower Makkah
» Pullman Zamzam Grand Suites 5-star
» Raffles Makkah Palace 5-star
» Royal Dar Al Eiman 5-star

4-Star Makkah Hotels in Makkah Saudi Arabia

» Afwaj Al Tawba 11 4-star
» Al Manarah Hotel 4-star
» Al Massa Hotel Makkah 4-star
» Al Naqa CROM 4-star
» Al Noor Hotel Makkah 4-star
» Al Reyadah Haya Hotel 4-star
» Al Yarmouk Hotel 4-star
» Amjad Ajyad Hotel 4-star
» Amjad Al Jazeera Hotel 4-star
» Bab Al Multazam Concorde 4-star
» Concorde Makkah Hotel 4-star
» Dar Al Manasek Makkah Hotel 4-star
» Elaf Ajyad Hotel Makkah 4-star
» Fager Al Badie'a  4-star
» Mawakeb Ajyad 4-star
» Mawakeb Al Muzn 4-star
» Mawakeb Al Rawdah 4-star
» Mercure Grand Umm Al Qura 4-star
» Mercure Hibatullah 4-star
» Mobarak Plaza Hotel Makkah 4-star
» Nawazi Watheer Hotel 4-star
» Nersian Makkah 4-star
» Palestine Hotel Makkah 4-star
» Ramada Makkah Hotel 4-star
» White Palace Hotel 4-star
» Zahra White Palace Hotel 4-star

3-Star Makkah Hotels in Makkah Saudi Arabia

» Ajwad Ajyad Hotel 3-star
» Al Jazeera 3-star
» Al Maqam Housing Center 3-star
» Al Mouazen 1 3-star
» Al Salah Ajyad 3-star
» Al Shoula Hotel Makkah 3-star
» Al Toufeeq Plaza Hotel 3-star
» Anwar Loualouat Al Rawdah 3-star
» Aseel Al Hariry 3-star
» Burj Al Diyafah 3-star
» Dar Al Fateh 10 3-star
» Dar Al Fateh 4 3-star
» Dar Saoud 3-star
» Deyafet Al Safwa 3-star
» Elaf Al Salam Hotel 3-star
» Fager Al Badie'a 3 3-star
» Manazel Al Safa Ajyad Hotel 3-star
» Mawakeb Al Aziziah 3-star
» Mawakeb Al Shesha 3-star
» Mouta Hotel Makkah 3-star
» Nasamat Al Rayyan Concorde3-star
» Naseem Al Hadika Hotel 3-star
» Nawazi Ajyad Hotel 3-star
» Nawazi Al Aziziah Hotel 3-star
» Nawazi Gazza Hotel 3-star
» Nersian shahed 3-star
» Oriental Pearl Hotel 3-star
» Rawaby Al Nozha 3-star
» Rawasi Al Aseal 3-star
» Reda Plaza 3-star
» Royal Maad Hotel 3-star
» Saraya Ajyad Hotel 3-star
» Saraya Thuraya Hotel 3-star
» Sherouq Al Ezz Concorde 3-star

2-Star Makkah Hotels in Makkah Saudi Arabia

» Al Diyafah Tower 1 2-star
» Al Mona Ajyad 2-star
» Mobarak Plaza 2 2-star
» Shoubra Al Khalil 2-star
» Taiba Al Zahaby 2-star
» Zahby 8 2-star

1-Star Makkah Hotels in Makkah Saudi Arabia

» Nersian Al Khair 1-star » Nersian Al Mashaer 1-star

0-Star Hotels in Medina Saudi Arabia

» Al Diyafah Tower 2 0-star
» Al Mansour Hotel 0-star
» Ashour Hotel 0-star
» Borj Al Hadika Hotel 0-star
» Dar El Ikhlas 0-star
» Dyafat Al Haramen - Dar Al Abrar 0-star
» Dyafat Al Haramen - Dar Al Ayad 0-star
» Jawhara Al Asimah Tower 0-star
» Jawharet Al Hijra Hotel 0-star
» Kenoz Makkah Hotel 0-star
» Manazel Al Raha 0-star
» Manazel Al Raha Al Zahaby 0-star
» Masaken Al Rawdah 1 0-star
» Masaken Al Rawdah 2 0-star
» Rabwat Al Safwah 1 0-star
» Rabwat Al Safwah 2 0-star
» Re'A Zakher 0-star
» Sama Mekka Hotel 0-star
» Sorooh Al Ala'a 3 0-star
» Sorooh Al Ala'a 5 0-star
» Wardat Quraish Hotel 0-star

Airports Hotels near Airports in Saudi Arabia

» Abha (AHB)
» Al Ahsa (HOF)
» Arar (RAE)
» Dhahran International (DHA)
» Gassim (ELQ)
» Gizan (GIZ)
» Ha'il (HAS)» Jubail (QJB)
» King Abdulaziz (JED)
» King Fahd (DMM)
» Prince Mohammed (MED)
» Qaisumah (HBT)
» Qaisumah (AQI)
» Riyadh Ab (XWM)
» Ta’if (TIF)
» Yenbo (YNB)
» King Faisal Airbase (TUU)
» King Khalid (RUH)
» Najran (EAM)

States / Provinces in Saudi Arabia

» Makkah
» Riyadh Province
» Eastern Province
» Al Qassim
» Asir
» Al Madinah

Regions in Saudi Arabia

» Ha'il Province
Makkah Events Hotels Bookings
Makkah Events Hotels Bookings

Recommended Makkah Hotels

Sorooh Al Ala'a 3

Sorooh Al Ala'a 3
Sorooh Al Ala'a 3 apartments are located 8 km from Al-Masjid Al-Haram. Aswaq Al Azizieah is located within 2 km. The hotel has a 24-hour front desk that can help. More

Sorooh Al Ala'a 5

Sorooh Al Ala'a 5
Just 8 km away from the Holy Haram, Sorroh Al Ala’a offers self-catering accomodation. It has a 24-hour front desk and an elevator. Guests can relax on the sofa in. More

Al Hedaya 3

Al Hedaya 3
Just 5 km away from the Holy Haram, Al Hedaya 3 offers simply furnished rooms. It has free Wi-Fi in the entire hotel, 24-hour front desk and an elevator. More

Al Hedaya 5

Al Hedaya 5
Just 5 km away from the Holy Haram, Al Hedaya 5 offers simply furnished rooms. It has free Wi-Fi in the entire hotel and a 24-hour desk. More

Al Hedaya 1

Al Hedaya 1
Just 5 km away from the Holy Haram, Al Hedaya 1 offers simply furnished rooms. It has free Wi-Fi in the entire hotel, 24-hour front desk and an elevator. More

Al Hedaya 4

Al Hedaya 4
Just 5 km away from the Holy Haram, Al Hedaya 4 offers simply furnished rooms. It has free Wi-Fi in the entire hotel, 24-hour front desk and an elevator. More

Masaken Al Rawdah 1

Masaken Al Rawdah 1
Just a 10-minute drive from the Holy Haram, Masaken Al Rawdah 1 offers air-conditioned accomodation. It offers free Wi-Fi in the entir e hotel and a 24-hour front. More

Al Reyadah Misk Hotel

Al Reyadah Misk Hotel
Located on Al Aziziyyah Street, Al Reyadah Misk Hotel offers air-conditioned rooms with flat-screen TV, just 5 km from Holy Mosque and Kaaba. Its restaurant.  More

Masaken Al Rawdah 2

Masaken Al Rawdah 2
Located 5 km from Al-Masjid Al-Haram, Masaken Al Rawdah 2 offers simply furnished rooms and apartments. Aswaq Al Azizieah is a 5-minute drive from. More

Mawakeb Al Aziziah

Mawakeb Al Aziziah
Just 2 km from Al Haram Mosque, Mawakeb Al Aziziah offers simply furnished, air-conditioned rooms. It has a 24-hour front desk. Free Wi-Fi is available in public., More

Manar Al Seroor Hotel

Manar Al Seroor Hotel
Located in Ajyad Al Sud in Makkah, Manar El Seroor Hotel is just 250 metres away from the Holy Haram. It offers simply furnished accommodation with free.  More

Al Shohada Hotel

Al Shohada Hotel
Within walking distance of the Holy Al Masjid Al Haram, Al Shohada Hotel offers luxurious rooms with LCD TVs and air conditioning. More

Dyafat Al Haramen - Dar Al Ayad

Dyafat Al Haramen
Dar Al Ayad

Dyafat Al Haramen - Dar Al Ayad is located about 7.5 km from Al-Masjid Al-Haram in Makkah. The hotel has a 24-hour front desk, free. More

Mercure Grand Umm Al Qura

Mercure Grand Umm
Al Qura

The Mercure Grand Umm Al Qura is about 950 metres from the Holy Mosque and features a free shuttle bus services to the Haram. More

Rawasi Al Barakah

Rawasi Al Barakah
Located in Sadeki Street in Makkah, Rawasi Al Barakah is just a 10-minute drive from the Holy Haram. It boasts free Wi-Fi in public areas and a 24-hour front desk. More

Mawakeb Al Rawdah

Mawakeb Al Rawdah
Mawakeb Al Rawdah offers air-conditioned rooms, centrally located in Mecca. It has a 24-hour front desk and a prayer room. Free Wi-Fi in public areas is available. More

Deyafet Al Safwa

Deyafet Al Safwa
Located in Mecca’s Ajyad Al Masafi district, Deyafet Al Safwa offers air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi. Ironing and laundry services can be arranged by the 24-hour. More

Ashour Hotel

Ashour Hotel
Ashour Hotel is located in Makkah, 4 km away from the Holy Al-Masjid Al-Haram. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi in public areas and has  More

Dar Al Manasek Makkah Hotel

Dar Al Manasek Makkah
Dar Al Manasek offers air-conditioned rooms, a restaurant serving Arabic cuisine and a 24-hour front desk. All rooms have comfortable bedding and are fitted with a fridge More

Elaf Al Mashaer Hotel Makkah

Elaf Al Mashaer Hotel
Elaf Al Mashaer offers non-smoking rooms with free Wi-Fi and fresh pastries in its lobby lounge. Located on Ajyad Road, the hotel is just over 400 metres from the  More

More Makkah Hotels
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  Cheap Makkah Hotels in Makkah Bookings  

Saudi Arabia Hotels By Cities Best Saudi Arabia Hotels in Saudi Arabia Accommodation

» Abha
» Abu Arish
» Al ‘Ulá
» Al Ahsa
» Al Bukayriyah
» Al Hofuf
» Al Jubail
» Al Jubayl
» Al Kharj
» Al Khobar
» Al Kura
» Al Majma‘ah
» Alkhafji
» Ar'ar
» Ash Shafā
» Ash Shiqqah
» Buraydah
» Dammam
» Dhahran
» Farasān
» Ha'il
» Hafr Al Baten
» Jeddah
» Jirūbah
» Jizan
» Khamis Mushait
» Mecca
» Medina
» Munayzilah
» Najran
» Raʼs al Khafjī
» Rabigh
» Riyadh
» Shaqrāʼ
» Sufaylah
» Tabūk
» Taif
» Tathlīth
» Tuḩamah
» ‘Unayzah
» Yanbu
Makkah hotels in Makkah cheap travel Makkah guide things to do in makkah discount hotels in makkah near Haram makkah booking hotels in makkah accommodation
  Cheap Makkah Hotels in Makkah Bookings  
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